Jungle Stories: Emergency on Election Weekend

“Somehin ain’t right here, partner” I said… to myself. I’ve been talking in a Southern accent lately because it’s funny and I grew a mustache. Or maybe it’s the mustache that’s the funny part. There’s another possibility, which is that none of it is funny and I’m simply hurting for a way to pass the … Continue reading Jungle Stories: Emergency on Election Weekend

Stories From the Jungle: Flying Monkeys

A group of wild Howler Monkeys had been wreaking havoc around camp lately, waiting for any chance to steal some food. They’d sit atop the trees and scout for someone carrying a bucket towards a cage, pouncing on any moments of lost concentration. Their favorite spot was at the small birds’ cage, a collection of … Continue reading Stories From the Jungle: Flying Monkeys

Motorbikes in Salento

Motorbikes in Salento: Well, there’s no chance you could do this in America. First, we tried to rent mountain bikes, but there weren’t any left. Next, we thought about renting ATVs, but they were too expensive. So, we settled on motorbikes, which are basically just less obnoxious and less powerful motorcycles. I’ve never even been on … Continue reading Motorbikes in Salento

Salento, Colombia

Nestled amongst the Colombian mountains lies a little town stuck in time. The temperature doesn’t change and the landscape remains a intoxicating at every fresh glance. Plantain and coffee trees line the holiday green mountainside as the eucalyptus and palms tower high, watching over paradise. A sense of urgency is absent here because most have … Continue reading Salento, Colombia

Stories from Medellin, Colombia

Party bus in Medellin: I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect to have this much fun on a party bus. In the process of learning how to let go, it’s becoming easier to enjoy myself in environments which wouldn’t typically suit me. Would I rather have an intimate dinner and share conversation and laughs? Yes. But that … Continue reading Stories from Medellin, Colombia