Jungle Stories: Emergency on Election Weekend

“Somehin ain’t right here, partner” I said… to myself. I’ve been talking in a Southern accent lately because it’s funny and I grew a mustache. Or maybe it’s the mustache that’s the funny part. There’s another possibility, which is that none of it is funny and I’m simply hurting for a way to pass the … Continue reading Jungle Stories: Emergency on Election Weekend

Stories from Medellin, Colombia

Party bus in Medellin: I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect to have this much fun on a party bus. In the process of learning how to let go, it’s becoming easier to enjoy myself in environments which wouldn’t typically suit me. Would I rather have an intimate dinner and share conversation and laughs? Yes. But that … Continue reading Stories from Medellin, Colombia

The Story of Stanislaus Gross (Ch. 1)

Well shiver me Timberlakes, you’re Justin time. You’re gonna want to take a seat there captain, because I’m about to tell you the tale of the Great Stanislaus Gross. (Pronounced like it rhymes with moss, even though the dude was absolutely disgusting on the court.) Some people say the meaning of life is love, others … Continue reading The Story of Stanislaus Gross (Ch. 1)