Ventura/Chumash/Pt. Mugu

Today's blog post is sponsored by Herb and Gertrude's Fermented Burgers. Unlike anything you've ever tasted in your silly little life, Herb and Gertrude's Fermented Burgers will slap your tongue with a blistering combination of quality beef and barrel aged ingredients, including triple distilled pickles, sun soaked buns, and our famous anus tomatoes! Still hungry? … Continue reading Ventura/Chumash/Pt. Mugu

The Start of a Journey: Windsor to Sacramento

Aaaaaand I’m off! My adventure to Austin, Texas has begun and I’m so excited I’m gonna cum! I I’m kidding, I won’t do that. At least not right now. I’m at a public restaurant, that would be very poor judgement and shockingly weak impulse control. I know there are many people reading this (probably friends … Continue reading The Start of a Journey: Windsor to Sacramento