Poem: Caught on the Dock

We’re caught on the dock again
where we spend so many hours
fishing for a feeling
captured in the past
sitting on the same rusty bench 
where we first felt peace beneath the trees
flipping on the same song
made us feel less alone
seeping between the cracks
of the same L-shaped sofa
lavender with the worn corners
watching our favorite show
for the seventh time
waiting for the weekend to roll in 
like the clouds
to find ourselves
at the same bar

we had so much fun there
that first night
a couple years ago
when the crowds were scattered
like pictures in a dream
if only so many people
hadn’t moved to our city
if only things could be
how they’ve already been
if only we could see
past the skin we have shed. 
Jason Brendel
Jason Brendel

Jason Brendel is an author, poet, and comedian living in Austin, Texas. Navigate the buttons below to follow him on social media, make a donation, or purchase his collection of laugh-out-loud poetry on Amazon.


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