Deer in the Headlights

Clogged arteries and frog charcuterie. Put that in your song and rap it. Ummmmm, what’s going on? What am I doing? What is life? Where does the wind blow? I don’t know. Nobody knows much of anything. Hey, today’s my sister’s birthday. Wish her well! Or don’t. It’s your choice, really. Either way it’s still her birthday.

I’m going to share a poem from my book today. For whatever reason, people have been opening up the book in my car and this particular poem has been grabbing their attention a lot lately. I don’t know why, but I feel compelled to share it here for some reason, too. It’s honestly super dark, so that’s cool. Sometimes things are dark. That’s just the way it be. Anyways, here’s the poem. If you’d like to purchase the full collection, you can do that here. (I don’t know why it’s showing the full gross link. Whatever, I’ll figure it out later.)

My pitter-pattered hooves chase squirrels away
they get so scared      I wish they would just    hang
around     and talk.    I wish     I....   I wish they
would help me find       berries.   I like berries, man
but they only want nuts             they only want
nuts. I wish      I wish they would     want me
to help.     I could find nuts      I could find a lot
of nuts. I could find them     like I find   berries.
I wonder if     they even        think about
me. If they even see me      or if I'm
just       background     like leaves    on trees
I know how they are.   I know it.  They're all just the same

they don't care about me      no       not a deer
I can't take it           I can't take it anym

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