Morro Bay to Ventura

Today’s blog post is sponsored by Chicano Tenders – chicken tenders with a Mexican twist!

So nice to have sponsors for the podcasts. I’m filled with gratitude. And eggs. I just ate a lot of eggs. I’m filled with eggs. I have the sperm and eggs inside of me.

So, where am I? Who am I? Is butter bad for you? These are the questions… I’m in Ventura, California, I am Jason, and I think butter is bad for you but it’s probably like most things where it’s only bad if you have a lot of it. These are the answers.

I drove from Morro Bay to Ventura on Wednesday. I spent a little more time in Morro Bay exploring Morro Rock park. The name is pretty self-explanatory, in the middle of the park is a giant rock. Here, take a gander. Pop a peek. Help yourself to a heap of looking sauce.

Morro Rock. Right below it is water. The blue stuff above is sky. I once ate too many walnuts and spent the evening on the can.

I was feeling quite anxious on this day. But the good news is, I’ve had a breakthrough! I’ve talked about how some days I wake up with a very physical sense of anxiety and I can’t get rid of it, so I knew it was related to something in my sleeping patterns. I began a night time routine of doing yoga, journaling, and meditating before bed, which was helping me wake up free of anxiety much more frequently. I had three days in a row of no anxiety, but woke up on Wednesday and rolled straight onto the struggle bus.

It wasn’t until I got to my friend, Adam’s in Ventura when it clicked for me. Adam is very into fitness and health, and we began talking about sleep and how important it is. He mentioned the blue light from technology and how it triggers our brain into an awakened state. I remembered that I went straight from watching a movie into bed on Tuesday night, before waking on Wednesday with a wacky case of wiggidy woes. Wiggidy woes. That’s what anxiety is called now. All the cool kids are saying it.

Anyways, Adam and I have been turning off all the lights at least an hour before bed. We don’t use any technology and I’ve been winding down with yoga and meditation. I’ve woken up every morning feeling great. I listened to a podcast on the same subject, and the blue light from technology before bed has sweeping negative effects on our brains. It actually conditions us to be depressed. Personally, exposure to blue light manifested in anxiety rather than depression, but it’s crazy to think about how this is affecting so many people and most of us have no idea. It’s such a simple fix.

Oh yeah, so Morro Rock. It was nice. It was actually one of my favorite beaches I’ve visited. The sand was nice, there was almost nobody there,

A wide angle view where you can kind of see the beach but not really.

Oh and I made two friends! The first was Fred. Here’s a picture of Fred.


A gentle soul he is. When Fred puts his mind to something, he tends to become tunnel visioned. He means well, but can come off as aloof or uninterested when he’s caught up in one of his passion projects, such as cracking nuts.

The second friend is named Dancer. Here, take a look at Dancer.


Dancer is more extroverted than Fred, and was a former division one volleyball at Beak State University. You can see her athletic ability in the way she moves, and you’ll always know when she’s around, as she never has trouble making friends.

Okay so I made a couple friends and walked up and down the beach before driving to Ventura. I flipped on a sweet sweet podcast and off I went. It was a gorgeous day, the air was crisp and the bacon was still at the store. I don’t know what that means or why I said it, but okay.

I stopped to catch a couple views on the way, the first overlooking Cachuma Lake and Los Padres National Forest, just a swing and a slang northeast of Santa Barbara. Check this out, Captain Clappin!

I marinated in this glorious goodness for a good thirty minutes or so, mentally erect and ready for the rest of my adventure. I hopped back in the car and only made it another ten minutes before I had to stop again because check it out CHECK IT OUT!

Saudi Arabia

What a view. What a world. What a life.

Jason Brendel
Jason Brendel

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  1. I loved Fred and Dancer. I hope they keep in touch. However, my non professional opinion… Fred’s a little nuts.

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