A Random Assortment of Disconnected Thoughts

I wonder where the bathroom is and if Tuesday doesn’t come by Wednesday, I’m going to be pissed. The previous sentence was an actual thought that occurred in my actual brain. This happened while I was in my garage. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Please, send help.

I’m kidding. Don’t send help. I don’t want help. I like my brain. And mangos. God I love mangos. There’s nothing that’ll make your ass pucker and your mouth water quicker than a ripe mango. If you can figure out how to cut it at least. I can only imagine what that must have been like for the first people to find mangos. They probably found a mango and sliced it open with a tree limb and then stuck one of their dumb faces in it thinking “oh my god this tastes sooooooo good!” only to find out the entire thing is a pit. Disappointment has no boundaries, folks. Speaking of disappointment, I have three chickens.

I’m not going to explain what I mean by the chicken thing, I’m just gonna leave it there. Well twist me in circles and call me a top, because I forgot what I was just thinking about. Man, this happens way too often. I need DVR for my brain. Eh screw it, I don’t feel cognitively functional enough right now to talk about whatever deep crisis of the world was running through my brain hole anyway. I can, however, make a puppet out of toilet paper. Wait, no… I can’t do that either.

I wonder how much our mood, during our first exposure to something, influences our perception of it. I was thinking about this song from my favorite band that I really just do not like. Which is weird because I feel like I should like it. Then I thought about how I think I was just in a really shitty mood when I first heard it, and that must be why I don’t like it. I know that’s true the other way around. Sometimes I’m in a really good mood and every song sounds amazing. I wonder how much that’s true for other stuff in life. What if we spend weeks, months, years not liking somebody just because we were in a poop state of mind when we first met them, and every time we see them our mind is triggered to that poop state?

Okay I’m going to the beach now to think about the deep stuff I was supposed to write about. The next post is going to be so good. Yeah, so good. So nice. Yeah…

4 thoughts on “A Random Assortment of Disconnected Thoughts

  1. So I was reading this post and the gathering momentum was, does this guy need clinical help, shares in hallucinogenic drug profits or a Pulitzer prize? For quite a while the jury was out and then you buggered it up with a very sound, if not profound, non-rhetorical, rhetorical question.
    You ruined it for me…..I think you’re actually a sane man, disguising yourself as a madman in order to deflect ‘folk’ from your anarchic thoughts. Remembering that my take on anarchy is that it’s a word made up by powerful gits who want to keep intelligent thought to a minimum. If I look up “Anarchic” in my dictionary, it says “Intuitive”. Well done for your brilliant disguise. Keep up the good work (though possibly reduce the hallucinogenic research)…..Yay!

    1. This is my new favorite comment. Also my favorite compliment: “does this guy need clinical help, shares in hallucinogenic drug profits or a Pulitzer prize?”
      And you’re onto me. Kind of. I think. I don’t know. One of my favorite things to do is convince people I’m insane, but that in itself is kind of insane. I do wonder about myself sometimes. Oh well…

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