Poem – The Spider’s Web

The spider’s web waits for a flying taker such a unique way to capture build something beautiful and wait for the enemy to enter no wonder we’re afraid of the eight-legged creature how could we ever live up to such standards untenable? Make a one-time donationYour contribution is appreciated.DonateMake a monthly donationYour contribution is appreciated.Donate … Continue reading Poem – The Spider’s Web

The Story of Stanislaus Gross (Ch. 1)

Well shiver me Timberlakes, you’re Justin time. You’re gonna want to take a seat there captain, because I’m about to tell you the tale of the Great Stanislaus Gross. (Pronounced like it rhymes with moss, even though the dude was absolutely disgusting on the court.) Some people say the meaning of life is love, others … Continue reading The Story of Stanislaus Gross (Ch. 1)